Monday, July 18, 2011

There are only so many times in a boy's life...

...when he can really rock the "diaper and hat-to-the-back" look!

Tatum was running all over in his diaper wearing a baseball hat this morning, and the combo just struck me as much too cute not to be captured on camera. I mean really, the time frame for wearing a diaper AND a baseball hat has to be a pretty limited one in a guy's life, right? College and potential frat boy high-jinks aside.

As with most photo sessions, this one ended with the charging of the photographer by the subject:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Fun

A big thumb's up for our fun 4th of July weekend!

The 4th is Tatum's daddy's favorite holiday, so we'd been hoping that he'd be able to come home for the weekend. Not only did he make it home, but his brother (Tatum's Uncle Marc), Aunt Shannon, and Tate's cousins Abby, Lillian and Josh came too!

My favorite pic of the cousins together

We were so excited to have Tate's cousins and aunt and uncle here.

All decked out for the 4th in our red, white and blue

Despite the heat, we played and played!

Tatum's CeCe made the girls these adorable dresses out of t-shirts (she's amazing!), and they loved them! They had such fun twirling and twirling.

Tatum, where's your belly button? (You can tell from his face that this is a tired boy. It was at least 9 PM and we were waiting for the fireworks to start! Fortunately we watched from the football field, so the kiddos had a great space to run and play while waiting.)

What do I do with this thing?

Can I eat it?

Oooooh, I'm supposed to THROW it!

Nothing like a little competition to get the kiddos to wolf down whatever's on the plate!

CeCe made some of her famous sugar cookies, and the girls helped her decorate them. Mmmmmmmm!


We hit the playground several times, filled up the inflatable backyard pool and splashed, turned on the sprinkler, had ice cream at Bidinger's, visited CeCe and Gramps, saw fireworks, ran around the football field, stayed up late, had a big cookout with lots of tasty food, and in general just had exactly the kind of 4th of July weekend you hope to have--a wonderful time with family and friends.