Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heeeeeeeyyyyyy, GOAT!

We've been having lots of fun with cousins this summer! A few weeks ago we went to the Medina County Fair, an animal-filled adventure that included dozens of baby pigs (less than a week old, sooooo cute!), more rabbits than you can count, chickens, ducks, cows, horses and ponies big and HUGE, and our favorites--the goats!

Gramps was ready to adopt a goat, they were so darn cute and endearing. They look a bit like creatures from a Star Wars movie (remember Jar Jar Binks?) and they are NIBBLY. Pretty much every goat we passed wanted a little taste of Tatum's stroller. I'm sure it's picked up some tasty flavors over the past 20 months: gold fish crackers, milk, and raisins, to name a few favorites! I'm not sure how Tate felt about the goats nibbling on his ride, but I had to snap a few pictures it was so cute.

At the fair Tatum also experienced his first amusement park ride! A spin on the merry-go-round with CeCe, Cami, Paige and Parker.

Last weekend, we attended our second "Touch-A-Truck" event. The blaring loud fire engine horns made T-man extra snuggly. He spent a lot of time on Mommy and Daddy's shoulders, not wanting to be set down.

When his cousins arrived on the scene, though, he perked right up and did some exploring!

We're so lucky to have our cousins close by.

(That last picture was totally unprompted, by the way! Cami is just the sweetest girl and wanted to share her ice cream with her cousin. Did I mention that we're lucky to be so close? :) )

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tatum's favorite things

Goodness, I've been bad about updating T's blog lately! We've had a lot going on this summer and my computer time is falling to the wayside.

Here's a quick update to share some of our latest pics and a few of Tatum's favorite things.

He's a true nature boy and LOVES to be outside. He helps mommy in the yard all the time, "mowing," watering, and pointing out new flowers. He loves to find secret passages through the bushes and trees, which he calls "sneaking."

Tatum also loves his trucks, trains, airplanes and cars. He's a vehicle guy, as you can see.

We're so excited for the Touch-a-Truck event to come to town at the end of the month! We had a fun preview of what it will be like when our town had a "safety night" recently, with police vehicles and fire trucks of all shapes and sizes. Tatum was a bit overwhelmed by it all, which makes me wonder what he'll make of Touch a Truck, which is 10 times the size of safety night!

We spent a night rocking out to some fun music downtown with our cousins. (Cami is very red in the face because I think she ran in circles to the music for about an hour straight!)

After music class on Saturdays we've started a little tradition of going to Chik Fil-A, where Tatum likes exploring the play area, including the funhouse mirror!

We attended our first baseball game as a family and made it through several innings before Tatum was read to head out. Give it another year or so and we may make it through an entire game!

In general, as always, we've just been keeping it classy. ;)

Hope everyone else is having a fun summer too!