Monday, August 23, 2010

31-Week-Old Big Guy

In just six weeks you will have been outside in the world for as long as you were in mommy's tummy! You're becoming such a little PERSON that it's hard to believe you were not so long ago growing fingers and toes and all of the necessary organs for living out here in the great big world.

dinnertime mohawk courtesy of dad

bathtime mohawk courtesy of mom

The theme of your life for the past few weeks has been movement, movement, movement (crash) more movement. Your new joy is pulling up on things so that you can stand or kneel.

You also sit up all on your own now, no propping up needed or tipping over!

You have SIX TEETH prominently visible in that mouth of yours. Your four middle top teeth are in, as well as those two cute little bottom teeth that show so nicely when you smile. Daddy and I think you may have his smile--his top teeth don't really show when he grins, and neither do yours. Mommy, on the other hand, is all teeth she smiles! Either way, that little grin of yours is just too cute.

Daddy and I both agree that if possible, we fall more in love with you each day. You're such an interactive little guy, climbing all over us and talking away, babbling and laughing and throwing the occasional temper tantrum if you don't get your way. Your personality is really beginning to shine.

A remote control hog, just like a dude!

In addition to the traditional weekly monkey pic, I caught a few of you, monkey and your #1 doggy friend, Liam (though you do adore Sierra, she's a distant #2 in terms of the attention paid to you. While Liam needs to be beside you whenever he possibly can, Sierra does fly-by licks to your head but more of less stays out of your way. We think you make her a bit nervous).

31 Weeks!  Time is just flying by, my sweet Tater Tot.

(You are, by the way, sporting an 18-month-size "Rookie" ensemble in these pics! Mommy ordered a few fall things for you online and thought she'd try them on to see if they would be ridiculously big on you and might need to be returned. Nope! They almost fit you now--a tiny bit long in the legs, but not that much!--and surely will in a few months' time. Big guy!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Weeks!

(click on any of the pics above for a larger version)

Friday, August 13, 2010

29, oh so fine

Well my handsome little guy, you turned SEVEN MONTHS OLD this past Tuesday! Twenty-nine weeks, to be exact. And we've loved every single minute of every single day with you since you came home with us in January.

You've become a man on the move. We laugh about how you zone in on the one thing in the room that ISN'T a toy and go for it. In the case of the photos below, it was mommy's flip flops, which of course you attempted to put directly in your mouth (note the look of indignation on your face when mommy suggested this might not be such a great plan...).

Never mind the 15 actual TOYS and BOOKS on the floor with you, if you see something that doesn't look bright and primary-colored (daddy's Blackberry or an iPhone, for instance), that's what you want.  Here you are, noticing the camera in mommy's hands and wanting it!

You have TWO new teeth! The upstairs neighbors to your two bottom front teeth have moved in. One is already showing through your gums and one is just below the surface. It's so cute to be able to see those bottom teeth of yours when you smile. I wonder if we'll be seeing the top ones to match?

Due to all of this toothy goodness, you've decided that you're ready to chew on some food. You still eat purees of fruit and veggies and your oatmeal and your rice cereal, but now you also gnaw on the occasional rice cracker. YOU LOVE THIS. I can't tell you how satisfied you are to be able to feed yourself with your own hands. The power!

Your personality is really beginning to show. Not surprisingly, you seem to be quite strong-willed. You know what you want, and you do everything you can to get it. You love your doggies. You laugh and laugh when they lick you, and now you chase them across the room on all fours, trying to grab onto their fur (don't worry, mommy is always watching to ensure that no one--dog or human!--gets hurt). Liam is tolerant of this. He'll lie quietly while you attempt to pluck his eyebrows for him. I haven't been brave enough to let you try for a handful of Sierra just yet (neither has she! She pretty much backs off or leaves the room when she sees you gunning for her). It's cute to see you paying so much attention to the animals, though. They'll be a part of your life for a long time to come!

Let's see. Animals. Technology. Food. Lounging around. What else do you love? Oh, watching Sports Center! You truly are your daddy's son. :)

29-week monkey pic:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Growling and Table Talk

I downloaded a slew of videos from my phone over the weekend, and perhaps not surprisingly, they're all of Tate!

Here's a little clip of Tatum eating. While generally it's accepted that one shouldn't talk while one's mouth is full, indeed, that's the exact time Tate prefers to talk! He'll stick a spoon or a finger in his mouth and babble away. The spoon comes out, the talking stops. Back in, and the chattering begins again!

And I finally captured a wee video of Tatum growling! This features Tate with our nanny, Sarah. He went through a phase of several weeks when he growled all day long. Now he intersperses the growling with shrieks and a goofy fake cough. I truly adore listening to his ever-growing repertoire of noises and sounds. It's magical (and funny!).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 28

28 weeks, kiddo! Goodness, how you're growing. You're solid and very long. At your 6-month checkup you were 50th percentile for weight, 50th for head size, and 90th for height!

Your new tricks include growling and (drum roll) CRAWLING! Last night you crawled across the room to get to Daddy's Blackberry. Apparently you had some very important e-mail messages to answer. Your dad caught some of the action on his other phone:

Somehow you look much bigger this week than you did in last week's photos! A growth spurt, perhaps?

 What's that I see poking up in your mouth?  Your two very VISIBLE teeth!

Beach Trip 2010

Tatum's first beach trip was so much fun!

Tate's cousins Parker and Cami at the beach

Tatum got in tons of great playing time with his cousins.

Tate and Paige

Parker, Tatum and Cami

He was in the water twice a day for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  Although we weren't successful in getting him to relax and float on his back like he did at his first swim lesson with cousin Luke in Colorado, he does seem to love the water. Hopefully some day he'll be like his cousins, who were out at the beach or in the pool all day, every day!

He also got some great bonding time in with his Chooch, who taught him how to growl!

Chooch with all four of his grandchildren

Uncle Mike with his beautiful girls

Aunt Lauren, Uncle Mike, Parker, Campbell, Paige and Chooch

Mommy, Daddy and Tatum

Whew!  After all of that fun, a boy needs some rest.