Friday, July 13, 2012

Beach Pics 2012

The lag in updates on our precious boy is due to a recent move. We finally drifted back in the DC direction from Ohio--three years of Bruce commuting caught up with us, and with T's baby brother on the way it seemed the right time to make our way back to the city. So here we are, happily setting up house in a new neighborhood in Maryland just outside of the city. We're less than 2 miles from DC, but in a neighborhood surrounded by trees and parks and a creek and great walking/jogging/biking paths. Doesn't get much better than that! In the midst of the move, we managed to squeeze in our annual trip to the beach with Chooch and cousins. Some highlights from June: As one of my friends said when she saw this picture, "He's a BOY!" Yep, a real boy. Not a baby any longer. Sniff sniff.
And one family photo, showing the bump:
If he's on time, Tatum's baby brother will be here in less than ONE MONTH! We're all getting very, very excited for his arrival.