Friday, February 17, 2012

A Boy and His Dogs

In case anyone wonders whether that little guy up there in header maintains a close relationship with his furry friend, here's your answer:

The wonderfully patient Liam is happy to be used as field for tractors, trucks and all manner of vehicles who need a challenging surface upon which to practice their maneuvers throughout the day.

Sierra, on the other hand, considers her job to be keeping a careful watch over the boy at bathtime. She takes this very seriously, and if we don't allow her upstairs at bedtime she'll plaster herself to the top step with her nose poking under the gate to monitor the situation as closely as she can. Sweet old girl!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who's TWO!

Shame on me for being SO late in posting our sweet boy's second birthday pics!

Tate's request for his birthday cake: a pink dump truck! Don't you just love it? I compromised and did a half-yellow, half-pink dump truck instead. It turned out pretty well! The kiddos were all very enthusiastic about the Oreo "dirt".

Blowing out the candle with CeCe and cousins!

Pretty excited about having his first Oreo! He never did eat it...just carried it around for an hour or so as it disintegrated into a mushy pile in his hand.

Mmmmm. Cake with cousins! What fun!

Bruce has a cute video of us all singing the birthday song to T on his phone, but since he's on the road I can't download it at the moment. Once he's home, I'll try to remember to get that posted here! Tatum loves watching it.

More from us us soon~