Monday, August 9, 2010

Growling and Table Talk

I downloaded a slew of videos from my phone over the weekend, and perhaps not surprisingly, they're all of Tate!

Here's a little clip of Tatum eating. While generally it's accepted that one shouldn't talk while one's mouth is full, indeed, that's the exact time Tate prefers to talk! He'll stick a spoon or a finger in his mouth and babble away. The spoon comes out, the talking stops. Back in, and the chattering begins again!

And I finally captured a wee video of Tatum growling! This features Tate with our nanny, Sarah. He went through a phase of several weeks when he growled all day long. Now he intersperses the growling with shrieks and a goofy fake cough. I truly adore listening to his ever-growing repertoire of noises and sounds. It's magical (and funny!).

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