Friday, January 7, 2011

Tatum's First Christmas

I’d better do some holiday photo sharing before the BIG EVENT (that being, of course, Tatum’s FIRST BIRTHDAY on Monday). Gulp. I’m somewhat astonished that a year has passed since this miracle of a baby boy entered our lives.

Before I head down memory road, though, let me share a few highlights from our several Christmas celebrations (with CeCe and Gramps, at home with just us, and then with Grandmama and PawPaw in Colorado).

Here we are with CeCe and Gramps on Christmas Eve’s Eve. Tatum loves to play, he loves his CeCe and Gramps, and he always has something to say!

I can’t say how much having Tatum with us changed the mood of our household on Christmas morning. (This was *our* Christmas morning, before heading out to Colorado on Christmas Eve day.)

Tatum loved his drum set, in particular the sticks!  He likes any kind of sticks, actually. Pens. Straws. Clothes pins. They're all fantastic in his book.

Another popular present: a big, soft puppy from CeCe and Gramps!  If there's one thing Tatum loves, it's a puppy.

The ever-popular boy in a box photo

And finally, just a few of the many highlights from our Colorado trip! Tatum is a great little traveler. He fussed a bit on the plane ride there and back, but eventually settled in and slept for probably an hour to an hour and a half each way (about half the plane ride). He fell right into his typical sleeping and napping routine Colorado after skipping his morning nap on Christmas day—as would be expected, given the crowd of 24-some people who were at the Thibault’s house on Christmas! He was so interested in all of his cousins and aunts and uncles.

Tatum and Daddy with a few of his 8 boy cousins in Colorado

Sporting the adorable Christmas outfit Grandmama and PawPaw got for him

With Grandmama and PawPaw

Tate’s Grandmama gave him his first hair cut while were visiting. He wasn’t the best client ever (tears and some wailing ensued) but the end result was cute as it could be! We’re so happy Grandmama T was willing to do this for her grandbaby.

Pre-hair cut

During the hair cut
Almost done!
He survived!

We also celebrated his first birthday a bit early with the Thibault crew in Colorado! Such fun to be able to celebrate in-person with Tatum’s Thibault grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. But we'll save those photos for next week.

More celebrations to come!

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  1. How is he a year old already!?

    It looks like he had an incredible first Christmas and it sounds like it was wonderful for Mom and Dad too. (-;