Monday, February 7, 2011


I’m very late in posting a true celebration of our baby’s first birthday. Tatum turned one on January 10.

Sporting some wild just-waking-up-from-a-nap hair

Reading one of his birthday books with Daddy

We celebrated first in Colorado with Bruce’s family, since we were visiting over the Christmas holiday and the timing seemed close enough to allow for a party. It was a joy getting to share Tate’s first birthday with all of his Colorado aunts, uncles, and cousins, and especially with his Grandmama and PaPa.

The cake he celebrated with in Colorado was quite BLUE—both going in and, ahem, coming back out. Let’s just say the following morning’s diaper was VERY interesting.

I love this photo, because it looks as though someone asked Tatum how old he is and our little genius responded with the appropriate number of fingers! (Of course in reality he was in a major pointing phase and pointed at just about everything—but we’ll go with the “I’m turning one!” story.)

Our blue-tinged baby opening presents, with his new haircut courtesy of Grandmama!

Upon our return home, we planned first birthday party #2 in order to celebrate with his Ohio aunt, uncle, cousins, CeCe and Gramps, and some friends and neighbors.

CeCe and mom had such fun planning Tatum’s “puppy party”—particularly his birthday cake and “pupcakes” to go with it.

We also went downtown to a great little photo shop and had some professional pictures taken of the Tater Tot to commemorate his first birthday. There were so many incredibly cute photos, we had a very hard time choosing which ones to order! In the end, we purchased the digital rights to three photos, and ordered prints of several more. I haven't received them yet, but will definitely come back and post them when we do!

In terms of what it means to our family that Tatum has turned one, it’s hard to quantify the amount of joy we’ve experienced. The past year has been the best of my life, and I’d say probably the best of Tatum’s dad’s, too. We’re so in love with this little boy, so amazed by him and so fortunate to have him in our lives.

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