Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness


Okay folks, I need to do better picking up our actual camera now and then.  Lately Tatum's blog seems to be populated by iPhone pics only (and those mostly from my husband!)--not bad, but not nearly as nice as photos taken with a real camera.

Better yet, maybe I could take the time to type an update now and again. ;)

I hope to capture some of this on video soon: Tatum is talking.  It started about 2 weeks ago with "ball"--ball, ball, ball, ball. Everything was "ball" for a day or two. From there he's added mama and dada, baby, dog, book, duck, apple, and something very close to banana. He also does the sign for dog (patting his hip with his hand) while panting--so cute! And the other day on a walk, he broke out the sign for bird when some geese flew overhead. It's just awesome to see the leaps his mind is taking right now.

More from us soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with yet another iPhone gem, courtesy of daddy:

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