Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Fun

We've had some big happenings this fall! For one, Tatum started SCHOOL! Okay, so it's a gathering of two-year-olds that takes place one day a week from 9:30 - 11 AM, and parents are included. So not exactly school...but he calls it "class" and he's so excited about it!

We start each class with some play time downstairs at the church. The kids pick between riding in cars, climbing on equipment, playing at the train table, and so on.

(The age range is actually something like 18 months to 3+, in case you're wondering about the size variation of some of these kiddos! The other little boy in this picture attends with his little brother, and I think he's closer to 4.)

Then the class lines up and heads upstairs for snack and story time. They wash their hands and sit around a table. It's so sweet and grown-up!

In addition to "school", we've visited a local farm for hayrides, apple picking, and lots of climbing, jumping and exploring.

There were even "corn boxes" filled with corn instead of sand! So cool.

It's hard to beat a beautiful fall day on the farm--especially when it's spent with good friends (Stephanie and the beautiful Miss Lucy).

And you can't beat a giant slide that goes from the top of the hill all the way down to the orchard below!

Later, pardners.

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  1. sooo cute!!! love the pics and so glad he is liking "school!" :-)