Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall in Summary

Poor Tate's Space! I've been quite negligent in getting updates posted here lately, haven't I? I blame it on trying to sell our house, trying to sell our house, and ... oh, trying to sell our house! Sigh.

Since I assume you all are here for the photos anyway, let's get to it!

Tatum was (of course) a race car driver for Halloween.

Wee-Twos class photo with his adorable cousin, "Pinkerbell" in the middle

One of the pathetically few photos taken with his PawPaw when Gran and PawPaw came to visit from Colorado--PawPaw is also holding Tate's cousin Josh, slightly more willing to sit for a photo than Tatum, it would appear!

Playing the piano at CeCe and Gramps' house with cousin Lillian, visiting from Virginia

Another Wee-Twos pic of Tatum and Paige, this time with Thanksgiving treats (a turkey made from an apple and gum drops, so cute!). Sadly, I'm the one taking the pic and not the cute pregnant belly sitting next to the T-man. I WISH!

Not the greatest of photos, but it's so rare that I'm able to capture a picture of big boy cousin Parker with the little ones that I thought I'd include it.

I'm guessing T is making some kind of "vrooom vroom" noise with his cars here, what a funny expression! Parker's grin is adorable, though.

Enjoying CeCe's turkey-pops at Thanksgiving with cousins (another poor phone pic, but since it includes all the "littles" I thought I'd post it)

Having fun on the train at the zoo

My little Mister Serious (or, as his daddy puts it, "Who is that International Man of Mystery?")

And taking various trips to the nearby construction site to admire the trucks

I'm a sucker for pics of little ones walking with their daddy. The contrast of a big guy with this little person trusting him completely just melts me every time!

And finally, perusing the ads for trucks and cars in this week's paper over lunch. As I said on FB, this photo makes it frighteningly easy to flash-forward 14 years! (The face paint is of the tomato soup variety, by the way.)

Whew! That was fall in a nutshell. I hope to do better this Christmas season. Tatum is enthusiastic about everything this year, from tree ornaments to Santa Claus. Makes it all so exciting and fun!

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