Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Boy's Life - nearly 27 months

It's time for an update on this boy's life!

Tatum at 27 months is just SO MUCH FUN. He's talking up a storm, using full sentences and even cracking jokes. He spins these little scenarios in his head and tells us all about them: "There's a cow sniffing mommy. Now the cow's chasing mommy! Now there's a giant RACCOON chasing Mommy and Daddy!" To which we must scream and run away, of course.

He loves playing outside in his fort, which he asks mommy and daddy to draw cars on with chalk to the point where every conceivable inch of surface has been covered with car drawings! He challenges us too, asking for tow trucks and cement mixers and mouse cars (I think this one is thanks to Richard Scarry's "Cars and Trucks and Things that GO"--currently T's favorite book by a landslide).

He's getting so big. Using the big boy swings by himself (with very close supervision, of course) and venturing off on his own more and more often. I'll be putting together dinner in the kitchen when suddenly I'll realize that he's headed upstairs on his own and is happily up in his room playing with his cars. This growing independence couldn't come at a better time, as T prepares to become a big brother this summer! (I'm going to go ahead and assume that anyone who checks in over here already knows that big and amazing news... :) ).

Now if we could just get Tatum back on track during the nightime hours. He's recently begun crying and crying in the middle of the night, calling out "Mommy will come get you! Tatum wants to sleep in Mommy's bed!" We're guessing this stems from the night he was very sick several weeks ago (he threw up 7 or 8 time in one night, poor kiddo!) and I had him in our bed with us so that we could take care of him. Ever since, he's developed an obsession with "mommy's bed" and wants to be there every.single.night. It breaks my heart to hear him so upset and crying out for me to come get him, but after doing this several times resulted in hours of missed sleep for everyone, I realized I can't give in to it every time. We're trying to break the habit, but during a recent night of thunderstorms I let him join me in bed. Not a good night's sleep, to be sure, but worth it when you get to wake up to this kind of cuteness!

T has sporadic interest in the potty, mostly as a place to read (love it! His daddy's boy). He's peed once in the potty--to great fanfare and much rejoicing!--but that's it thus far. I'd say we're a little ways off from having major success in the potting training department, but at least he's aware and somewhat curious about it. It certainly provides for some funny photo opps!

(Speaking of "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go"--as you can see, despite it's unwieldy size T chooses to read it above all other books, even on the potty!)

More from us soon!


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  1. He's getting so big!! and he is SO CUTE! I really hope we can connect before we head out of here!

    Have you thought about a big boy bed? We've had great success with all of our kiddos at an early age with toddler beds and my sister in law had a similar issue as you, and she went ahead and put him into a bed, and he slept great! Just an idea for you!!!

    I hope you are feeling well!