Monday, May 24, 2010

19 Weeks

So, big boy. You’re 19 weeks old and the sleep strike continues. You napped for all of about 30 minutes yesterday, then refused to go to bed. You finally fell asleep on my shoulder at 9:15 PM after nearly two hours of us putting you down, letting you cry a bit, comforting you, putting you down again…the process felt endless and was mentally exhausting. I think mommy was ready to cry with you at one point. We have GOT to get this sleeping thing down in your fifth month! This is on mommy, by the way, not you—I probably need to get tougher about letting you cry for a bit before I go back in to comfort you. I know I’m supposed to wait at least 5 minutes if you're fussing before I check on you. I usually make it about 3 minutes, then I’m ready to break. I just hate the sound of you crying so much! I know that it’s best if you learn to soothe yourself to sleep, but you just sound so desperate, it breaks my heart.

I know that you're capable of soothing yourself.  You have the tools to do it.  See—you’ve figured out how to get that thumb of yours into your mouth and keep it there!

In fact, everything goes in your mouth these days.  You've gotten so much better at controlling the things you pick up to play with, and now you bring them all up to your mouth to check them out.  New textures are so interesting to explore with one's tongue!

Yesterday we finally got some of that spring/summer warmth here in Ohio, so grilling season has officially begun! We had your cousins, aunt and uncle, and CeCe and Gramps over yesterday for kabobs and it was such fun.

Your cousins tried out the hammock…

And you showed everyone your standing-up skills. Nothing makes you happier than gripping someone’s thumbs and pulling yourself up! You can support your weight on your legs so well, and you love being a big boy and looking all around from a standing position.

You continue to do your half-roll-over moves, but have yet to repeat the one time you did a full roll-over weeks ago. I’m starting to think that was a fluke! You arch your back really well and get one foot behind you, you’re poised to really start rolling any day now…but as of now, you seem content to hang out on your side without flipping all the way over.

19-Week monkey pics:


  1. oh he's so cute sleeping with his thumb in his mouth!!
    i know the sleeping thing is so stinking hard. naomi slept through the night from 10 weeks old until six months old, when her own sleeping strike began! it took a month of the craziness before we finally came up with our own version of "crying it out" that we both felt comfortable with and that seemed to work for naomi. hang in there...eventually he will get the hang of sleeping! he has so many things going on, new textures to explore, rolling over, crawling, standing up, and of course teething! who has time for sleep?
    i'm sure you already do this but one thing that helped hubby and me was continuing naomi's nighttime routines even through her tough sleeping time. we kept them very strict--it helped US to have sort of an expected time when the bedtime rituals would begin.

  2. He's getting so big, Brenna!!! He is so handsome! Like Reba, said - it will get so much better! All of our girls slept through the night until about 4 months when their sleeping habits when to the crapper......Clara is finally sleeping SO much better now (feed her at 1030, wakes between 2-5am)...Hang in there! Their little brains are on overdrive. He's so stinkin' cute - come to Maine to visit! We are leaving next year :( - We'd love to see you guys!

  3. He is adorable and I can't believe how time has been flying by. He will hit the 20 digits next. Unbelievable how fast they grow.

    The sleeping thing is really an animal in and of itself. We have tried a ton of different things and are back at square one - I nurse Max to sleep in the evening and for his naps (I should say the one nap he takes during the day). Some nights he wakes up when we put him in his crib and then the crying begins. It is just heartbreaking and I have cried plenty with him while watching him on the baby monitor and seeing him get so angry and desperate. I really have no idea how this is ever going to get better, but everybody says that it will.

    I am sure one day Tate will discover how great sleep is and hopefully he will love himself a good nap and appreciate nighttime. Until then - don't be too hard on yourself. I think we are all struggling with the self-soothing and sleeping thing. They all (doctors, experts, etc) make it seem so easy, but heck it for sure isn't.