Monday, May 10, 2010

More Birthdays, More Grabbin' (and our first Mother's Day!)

We had fun this weekend at your cousin Campbell’s second birthday celebration. I even managed to capture a few (albeit goofy) photos of you with all three of your local cousins! Paigey was hanging out bouncing around in her jumper as you tried out her exersaucer (you LOVED it!) and you two really seemed to be interacting. Paige was chattering away and you were looking at her with big eyes, amazed that another baby would have so much to say to you. So cute! You can definitely see the resemblance in this photo—not an exact match by any means, but I can tell that you two are related.

The closest I came to capturing all four of you in the same picture (don't you love the birthday girl's bike helmet? She received it as a present and has worn it for about 3 days straight! I think it goes particularly well with her party dress.):

You were awake for much of the party, taking in the excitement, but eventually you fell asleep in CeCe's arms.

You’re not crawling yet, but you still enjoy tummy time. Your neck is so strong and you lie there and kick your feet and laugh and look all around. As always, Liam is beside you ready to give you the occasional helpful smooch. You’ve been noticing your puppies a lot more lately, and even reach out to them now and then.


You’ve been reaching out and grabbing with more and more intent lately. Your coordination is improving dramatically. You sometimes hold onto the little fish wheel on your jumperoo with both hands as though you were steering a ship. You get frustrated when you can’t put something immediately in your mouth (see the drool dampening the front of your shirt in this photo? I have to wonder when I’m going to see that first tooth!).

Daddy was in town for a whole 5 days between DC trips, which was nice. You two are really starting to bond, and I’m seeing more and more resemblance. Like Daddy, like Tatum!

(See where you get your serious look from?!)

Your 17-week monkey pics:

And a weak attempt at a self-portrait of you and I on Mother’s Day, taken in the hallway mirror:

I can’t say how happy I am that you’re here. Mother’s Day was finally bearable, even special! Daddy gave me a beautiful set of stacking rings with your birthstone, a garnet, in one of the rings. I’ll always cherish them and remember my first Mother’s Day with TJT. I love you, little man!


  1. Please tell me that Bruce posed in the bed picture the same way as that is hysterical!

    I also can't get over how much Campbell looks like Parker in the helmet pic. Wow.

    I thought of you yesterday and hoped your Mothers Day was extra special. Glad to read that you enjoyed it & look so happy in the self photo.

  2. Reading how happy and special your Mother's Day was makes me smile! :)

  3. Kate, yes! And Paige looks more and more like Cami every sister's kiddos are definitely from the same tree.

    Yep, the bed pic was posed. :) Bruce was barely awake and I said "put your hand in a fist over your head!" He was so confused, but it made for a cute photo opp. I couldn't resist...

    I felt bad that we didn't get our act together for church on Sunday! I'm planning to go this coming Sunday to see Parker in the little play they're doing. Will you all be there?


  4. Love the picture of Tate and his Daddy sleeping. It really is priceless (posed or not).

    Glad to hear that Mother's Day was special for you. It is such a hard day and having a little one to hold onto makes it so much more bearable and even happy.

  5. So cute!!! I am still so very excited and happy for you!!! xxx Nan