Monday, September 13, 2010

8-Month Favorites

The Tater Tot is now EIGHT MONTHS OLD. My goodness!

Here are a few of Tatum's favorite things (I can't type that without hearing Julie Andrews breaking into song inside my head, so I might as well throw out a little verse to start things off):

Playing with cousins and wet doggy noses
Crawling and climbing and grabbing his toeses
Growling and laughing and chewing on strings
These are a few of his favorite things!

Favorite people:


 Mommy (almost always the one taking the pictures, so this is what you get! :)

Wait, there I am in the corner getting chomped on! 




Grandma and Grandpa T (I KNOW I have photos of Tatum with his Colorado grandparents, but I seem to have saved them somewhere obscure on my computer. As soon as I figure out where they are, I'll come back and post them!)

Cousin Josh, just a few weeks younger than Tatum

Hey Tatum, what's that in your ear?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was a bit hard to get both boys to look at the camera at the same time!

Cousin Lillian

Cousins Abby and Lillian

With Daddy and the pups

Cousin Parker

Cousin Cami

Cousin Paige's FIRST BIRTHDAY! (Paige enjoying Tatum's cushy tush, which apparently makes an excellent pillow! So cute...I love watching these two together.)

Favorite toys: Daddy is generous about letting Tatum play with the real remote control (once he takes out one battery so that it's not constantly turning the TV on and off and switching channels) but he also found a cute Sesame Street version recently and Tate thinks it's pretty fun, too (see the previous set of "Little Boy Blue" pictures). It makes all sorts of noises and bats its eyes in a way that I originally thought was cute, but paired with the abuse Tatum gives it--banging it on the floor, dragging it across the carpet, smashing its face into the window--I've now come to see as a bit deranged, particularly when paired with its maniacal laughter. I think the poor Sesame Street remote has lost its marbles in the hands of a cruel and punishing dictator of an owner.

Favorite activities:
The lean

The one-handed lean

 The lounge

The lunge

And of course, eating!

Favorite outfit: Or maybe not! Tatum's daddy gave me a hard time over these leg warmers. I thought they were pretty cute and they allow him a great range of motion for crawling around, whereas I feel like he's somewhat restricted in jeans or pants. His dad felt they were a *trifle* too Flash Dance for his liking. Never mind that I have an entire set of them, including green leg warmers with little owls and some other cute patterns--so they'll probably make at least a few more appearances this fall/winter!

Favorite foods: I like to think mom's milk is still #1, but boy oh boy, does Tatum ever revel in the empowerment of feeding things to himself! He's currently loving the little puff cereals they make for babies to eat, and is amazingly coordinated when it comes to picking up the individual pieces and popping them into his mouth. He looks like such a big kid doing it, I can barely stand it!

And if you're wondering where the weekly monkey pics have gone, well...I'm still taking them, it's just not terribly easy these days. Photos with Mr. Monkey in the chair are now out of the question, since I can't step back far enough to snap the picture without a certain someone attempting a head dive onto the floor. Then when I move Mr. Monkey to the floor a bevy of distractions presents itself and that same certain someone is off in one direction or another before I can get a good photo of him.

To illustrate:

I'll try to grab a good photo of the Tater Tot and his monkey this week, so that we capture 8 months of growth for posterity! Until then...

One more with the leg warmers, just to please Tate's Dad. ;)

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  1. love the 8 month pics! happiness exudes from them. tater tot is such a dream!