Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick pics for Dad

While I'd love to write about and upload a gazillion pictures from Tatum's Virginia cousins' visit last weekend, unfortunately I don't have much time at the moment!

What I do have is a request from Tate's travelling daddy for some new pics of his adorable kiddo--so that I can do.

A quick update while I'm at it: your new obsession is your sippy cup. You don't totally get how to use it yet, but you love chewing on the spout and occasionally you even manage to get some milk into your mouth and down your throat. Just watch out if someone tries to take it away from you before you're done! Woah. Red-faced-screaming-temper-tantrum time!

You sit up so completely naturally now, and do it all the time.  Your interest in phones, cameras, and anything else that *isn't* a toy continues.  (Mommy found an old-school phone in the basement and cleaned it up for you to play with. I'm sure you're wondering what that coiled cord is--whose phone has one of those these days?!)

You crawl at the speed of ... if not light, then at least dust motes floating through light (what?! dust motes in our house?! Hard to believe, I know...). Speaking of cleaning though, I'm really having to pay attention to what's on our floor these days, because if you spy even a speck of something--a stray piece of dog kibble, for instance--you high-tail it in that direction and put it immediately into that mouth of yours.

Pulling up on things continues to be a great joy for you, and you're fearless about it. Of course the way you get down is to throw yourself backwards, so the "fear" part is all on mommy's side, watching that you don't crack that beautiful head of yours open!

You're starting to get concepts like stacking (or at least the knocking down part!).

Your favorite book is still Doggies, the counting and barking book. A close second is the big book of baby's first words, which you love to not only read but also to use as a yoga mat.

More updates soon on family visits and such, but now Mommy must work!

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  1. Handsome, handsome boy. Looks like he's a busy bee!