Monday, April 11, 2011

Future Tony Hawk

When Tatum first started to crawl, he would seek out things to hold in one (or both!) hands as he scooted across the floor. We called them his "sliders," and laughed about the fact that anything you handed to him would be tested for potential slider capacity.

As he became more upwardly mobile, he'd slide along with various things under his feet (pieces of paper, tupperware lids, magazines, toy cars...) and we started to worry a bit that his use of sliders might lead to a serious accident if we weren't careful.

Now he's graduated from sliders. Fortunately he seems content to run around without the aid of slippery foot-gear of his own creating. HOWEVER...

I recently witnessed him trying out his first pseudo-skateboard! I know I shouldn't have taken these photos, but he was so darned cute and his smile was so darned big, and the camera was right next to us on the table. I couldn't resist.

So here he is, our wee Tony Hawk. With plenty of drool on his shirt and banana in his hair. ;)

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