Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Tatum up to these days?

Well, he's been helping dad in the yard a bit.



He's a real cuddler. He loves his doll and will hold her and kiss her so sweetly (just before he throws her down and steps on her head, of course). He still has his special cuddle puppy that he sleeps with every night, and he adores stuffed animals. Such a lover, our little guy!

We visited my dad when he spent a few days in the hospital recently, and Tate got to bond with his great uncle Mike. It was special seeing them together. (And thankfully Chooch is on the mend!)

The T-man has decided that he likes baseball hats, and will now willingly puts his hat on (and off...and on...and off) throughout the day.

His vocabulary has taken off! Every day it's something new. Yesterday he picked up "squirrel" and "purple", and now when he plays with his bath toys each night he tries to say "seahorse" and "octopus"! Amazing to watch his mind clicking away, picking up new information every minute.

He continues to bewitch people wherever he goes with those huge blue eyes of his, and he makes us all laugh daily. What a goof!

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