Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone got a haircut!

Tatum's daddy is on the road again, and requested that I upload photos from his haircut last weekend. (Vague as to whether I meant Tatum or his daddy's haircut--they actually got them at the same time, so it could go either way!)

These were taken with my phone and aren't great quality, but here goes.

Tatum wasn't any more enthusiastic about his second haircut than he was with his first. We tried sitting him in mommy's lap, letting him look at a book, hold a comb...the T-man's face turned red and the tears fell. Then a lollipop was introduced, and things improved a bit. As you can see in the last photos, he gripped a comb in one hand and the lollipop (which was coated in hair by the end of his trim, ick!) in the other.

He seems to have survived!

The shorter hair makes him look older--but at least he doesn't have hair hanging down in his eyes when he's trying to read or play! And his dada loves the cut because Tatum looks more like him.


  1. It looks like haircut = torture chamber. (-; What a little sweetheart!

  2. I can't believe how big Tate is getting. It is truly amazing to me on a daily basis how fast these boys are growing, changing and learning new things.

    Love the haircut. We will probably take Max to get one soon before the summer will be in full swing in DC.