Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beach Trip 2011 - Part 1

Beach Trip 2011 was a huge success! What a difference a year makes...from a week at the beach last year with a 6-month-old to a week this year with a 17-month-old. Tatum quickly picked up all the necessary beach lingo: ocean, sand, seagull, pool, beach. And of course, CHOOCH! (What we call my dad, Tate's grandpa.)

Tatum also says his cousin's names well (and often) and absolutely LOVED spending the week with them. He woke up asking for Pakuh (Parker), MeMe (Cami) and Paych (Paige) and had so much fun digging with them at the beach, running around the condo like a wild man screaming and chasing them, and going on ocean and pool adventures.

Tatum with his beloved aunt Lauren and cousins

T-man really enjoyed the pool and was inspired by his cousins to swim--he kept trying to launch himself from our arms and didn't mind at all getting his head wet. He's also learning to kick his legs, so it may not be long before he actually IS able to swim a bit!

We took a ton of photos and I haven't had time to edit them all (or even look at them all yet!). But I wanted to get a few posted for the enjoyment of T-man's daddy, who's on the road, and his Chooch, who I know will be checking in for updates and some photos from our wonderful week together.

I'll post more as I'm able to get them edited and uploaded. In the meantime, here's a start!

Looking like a little male model...

And on the flip side...that chocolate ice cream sure was yummy!

Attempted family pic with Chooch...squirmy boy was not particularly cooperative

The "Chooch and Grandkids" shot was even more challenging, with a 6-year-old who'd rather be playing and the little ones in various stages of disintegration.

Chooch with his daughters, sons-in-law and grands

Love T's baby blues in this one!

We did a lot of this.

It wouldn't be the beach without some baby-in-the-surf pics!

More soon...


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  1. Hands down still the cutest expressions on that boy of yours. (-;