Monday, April 19, 2010

14 weeks

Well my baby, you turned 14 weeks yesterday! Half-way to FOUR MONTHS. Wow! Time is just flying right by.

You met a few more of your cousins this month. Ryan, Zach and Liam came to visit from New Jersey on their spring break! Ryan is 14, Zach is 12, and Liam is a few days older than you are. It was fun seeing the two of you together (and hearing the duets when you cried in tandem). Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share yet of you and Liam, but I know Gramps took a few so maybe I can come back and post one.

I do have a sweet photo of you and Zach together:

Shortly after this photo was taken you apparently let a real zinger rip and Zach gaspingly handed you back over.

You’re still loving your wiggle time, and you really wave your arms and legs around frantically these days, getting an excellent work-out in.

You’re still sucking…er, chewing…your fingers off. Yes, you seem to be chewing more than sucking these days. I’ve felt your gums and can’t feel anything blossoming in there yet, but ever since CeCe told me that your Aunt Lauren had four teeth by four months, I’ve been curious to see what has you chewing away lately! More often than not, this is your look:

In fact, it was hard to get a photo of you with your monkey that didn’t involve one or more fingers being inserted into your mouth!

But I did manage to capture a few. Pretty soon I won’t be able to take the horizontal photos any more! Look at how long you’re getting:

My big 14-week-old boy.

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