Monday, April 5, 2010

Tater Bunny

Tate's first Easter was a hit! He was a very happy bunny:

Unfortunately Bruce pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve or something in his neck (he's at the doctor's right now!) and wasn't able to come to church with us, but we met up with our cousins and CeCe and Gramps for the service and it was lovely. Lauren's girls were beyond adorable in their little matching sundresses and bonnets!

As is typically the case, Tate did well right up until communion, at which point he decided he was HUNGRY HUNGRY and we slipped away to the ladie's lounge for a bit.

I'd hoped to capture an Easter picture with his cousins, but gathering the whole crew together is a bit of a logistical challenge at this point, so I'll settle for separate photos of each. Unfortunately the only photos of I have of Parker with Tate include a drugged-up husband/daddy (thanks to the neck pain!) and I know he wouldn't be crazy about them, so I probably shouldn't put them up on the blog.

I do have one sweet photo of daddy holding his little guy to share, and several more from our visit to CeCe and Gramps for Easter brunch:

Serious little bunny:

Campbell bunny:

Cousin Paige:

Mommy and her little guy (showing the mom hair I posted about on my other blog!):

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and a lovely Easter, if you celebrate Easter! 12-week photos coming soon ...

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