Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phone Pics

Every now and then I go through my phone to check for cute pictures worth sharing. I found a few I have a video of Tatum's morning calisthenics, with him waving his arms and legs and squealing like crazy! But it's fairly huge and I'm not sure how to edit it down, so that will have to wait.

In the meantime, here's Tate sticking out his tongue:

Wearing his Aunt Julia's alma mater (an outfit that her son, his cousin Luke, generously shared with him! It's a 12-month size and still a little it should be on a 3-month-old!):

Doing the wiggle dance (this is what I have on film--I'll come back and share it if I can figure out how to make it smaller):

And here's a photo of his elusive dimple. We were visiting some friends in Strongsville last weekend and as we were leaving, Tate smiled at one of them and she started shouting, "He has DIMPLES!!! Oh my gosh, he has dimples!" Why yes, he does--they just don't come out very often! (Actually, I should say IT doesn't come out very often, because I'm pretty sure his dimple is on the right side only.)

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