Thursday, November 18, 2010

Attack of the Tatum

Slobbery open-mouth kisses are equal only to wrestling, smacking mom in the face with a spatula and laughing maniacally, and chasing the dogs around the house.

 Our little man is developing QUITE a personality. He’s pretty much on fire around the clock. When he’s not sleeping, he’s go go going—climbing, crawling, standing and even taking a few steps from the couch to mom or dad! I wouldn’t call it officially walking just yet, more of a lunge with some momentum behind it. But goodness, does he ever get a kick out of playing and rough-housing! This one is an active, goofy, loveable, messy, fantastic BOY.

He wrestles with his monkey all the time now. He takes monkey down with flying leaps and rolls around on the ground with him—I’ve tried to get pictures of the wrestling match in action, but so far I’ve succeeded only in capturing the top of Tatum’s head or monkey’s tail. He just moves too quickly for our camera! Tatum’s dad was a fantastic wrestler in high school and college, so I’m thinking some genetics are at work here.

But don’t worry, Tate is also *very* helpful in the kitchen. One of his favorite ways to help mom is to empty out the Tupperware drawer and use the containers to slide around the kitchen, one piece of Tupperware in each hand as though they were ice skates and the tile floor were a skating rink.

Actually, sliding is probably Tatum’s all-time favorite activity. Sarah and I laugh about it, because no matter what toy or household object he finds, his first priority is to try it out on the tile floor of our kitchen and hallway and see how it slides. Here he is, sliding along on the remote control (yes, the remote control remains perhaps his favorite thing to play with—OUR remote control, mind you, not the toy version his dad got him hoping to distract him from ours! No, the Sesame Street version just can’t compete with the real deal…).

What else can I say? We’re just loving life and loving Tatum. (Actually, I do have more to say about that on my other blog…).

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  1. Sounds like he is ALL BOY! Love it. And he's looking handsome as ever.

    Happy Holidays to your family!