Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the holidays begin!

Our little town hosts an annual Candle Light Walk to usher in the holiday season. The shops around the square stay open late and get all dolled up for Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive via fire truck to light the tree in the town square, there's free hot chocolate and cookies for the kiddos and in general it's just very sweet and a lot of fun.

I forgot, however, that Santa and Mrs. Claus also sit for photos with all interested little ones! Needless to say, with this being Tatum's first holiday season we figured we'd better give it a try.

If nothing else, Tatum's pictures with Santa have some definite comedic value! Classic "first picture with Santa" moment. :)

With CeCe and Gramps shortly after the Santa trauma (see, he recovered!):

And being read "The Night Before Christmas" in the reading corner at the local cafe by the cutest little girl...she really wanted to read Tatum a story, and he sat through the entire thing!

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