Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tatum at 10 Months

…Or, a study in argyle.

I recently realized that I should dress Tatum in cute little sweaters and argyle vests while I still can. After all, some day in the not-too-distant future I’ll be hearing about how he’d rather wear the same Spiderman t-shirt for the fourth day in a row.  So please excuse the preppy overload in this post...if Tatum is anything like his dad, I'm sure it won't last for long. :)

Tatum, Tatum, Tatum. What can I say? That you’re even more of a joy at 10 months than you were at 9? That our lives with you get better and better with each passing day?

You have so much to say now. Not that I understand every syllable, but I generally get the gist of things from your tone. My favorite is when you raise your pointer finger high and then utter something with great importance—a fine pontificator you are, my son.

You do a lot of pointing now. You also wave good-bye and hello (sometimes! Sometimes you wave just to wave. And that’s fine, too!).

You love books. Of course you love them primarily as objects to throw around and to use as stacking blocks, but hey—we’ll get there with the good stuff that exists INSIDE the books one of these days.

You’re on the go. You love to climb, climb, climb—particularly on top of mama or daddy (“Hop on Pop” is such a fun game!).

You pull up to stand every chance you get, and you’ve balanced on your own for as long as 10 seconds at a time.

While you’re a very active little guy, you’re also becoming more snuggly. You’ll play hard, but then you’ll climb up in my lap and rest your head on my shoulder for a snug. I can’t tell you how this melts my heart. Daddy's, too. You’re such a sweetheart of a little boy. I hope I can still sneak some Tatum hugs when you’re 16, because now that I have them I can’t imagine going without!

Gaining on that monkey with each and every photo!

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  1. Tate looks like he is full of mischief. Adorable and can't believe how big he is getting. It is just faszinating how much these little guys discover on a day to day basis and I constantly find myself in awwwww.