Friday, July 16, 2010

For comparison sake...

I found the photo of myself sucking on the beer can in my dad's lap, for comparison with the photo of Tatum and HIS dad posted yesterday.

Tate's dad immediately pointed out that both beers are Colorado beers--hooray! Coors for me and Fat Tire for Tatum. I think Tatum got the better end of that deal. Plus, a bottle seems *slightly* safer for baby-gumming than a sharp-edged beer can! I'm just saying. (Not really all that surprising for "back in the day," when kids skateboarded without helmets and bounced around the back seat of cars freely!)

Also, it should be noted that my dad descends from a long line of Yeti/Gorilla/Cavemen and that I come by my hairiness quite honestly. I mean, LOOK at those legs and arms! Amazing, I tell 'ya.

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