Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Great Colorado Trip of 2010

Tatum successfully completed his first plane trip across the country last week! We couldn’t have possibly asked for a more ideal traveling companion. Despite some nervousness on his mom’s part that we were going to be the scorned trouble-travelers on the plane with the screaming infant, instead our little guy was just perfect. He nursed upon take-off, promptly fell asleep afterwards, and proceeded to sleep the entire flight both there and back. He was awake and alert before take-off and as soon as we landed, interested in everything around us and babbling and chatting. He loved looking out the window of the airplane and people-watching both on the plane and in the airport. He just took it all in and really enjoyed the colors, the movement, and the adventure of it all! 

His calm while traveling was particularly amazing given that he broke his second tooth in while we were in Colorado and has a third just under the surface at the back of his mouth getting ready to break through.  Plus we crossed several time zones, so his sleep has been pretty thrown off.  What a trooper. 

We arrived in Colorado late last Thursday. Despite our late arrival, Tatum’s grandparents had sweetly waited up for us and Tate was thrilled to meet them! It was endearing to see how quickly and completely he took to Bruce’s parents. He was giggling and smiling every time they held him, talked to him or played with him. Our boy is definitely a Thibault!

Tatum and PawPaw

This photo isn't exactly mommy-approved. Then again, I have a similar photo of myself sitting in my dad's lap sucking on a beer can when I was a baby, and I lived to tell. I can assure you that no beer was actually consumed by the minor pictured here.

I kind of like this photo Bruce's dad took of me!  People who aren't crazy about photos of themselves should be permitted to carry umbrella shields. ;)  Actually, it was 90+ degrees out at the baseball game and I was trying to shade Tatum from the sun and the heat. 

Behind the umbrella (is my teething-ring bracelet chic or what?):

Tatum and cousins with Uncle Seth at his going-away party.  Tate's grandma and cousins made t-shirts for all of the kids to wear celebrating their Uncle Seth; it was really cute.

Highlights of the trip included a swim lesson with Aunt Julia, Uncle Seth and cousin Luke—Tatum LOVED it and we’re hoping to find a similar infant swim class in this area for him—a fair well party for Uncle Seth as he gets ready to deploy for the fourth time, a family birthday party for everyone with July birthdays (Tatum's daddy included!), a gorgeous hike up Helen Hunt Falls, a “girl’s morning out” for breakfast and mani/pedis with Bruce’s mom and sisters and niece Elenie, and a visit to our first home in Manitou Springs, which we’re sadly getting ready to sell this month. It was an amazing trip and made me so nostalgic for our time living in Colorado. I really don’t think there’s a more beautiful state to live in!

View from Pike's Peak, near our house in Manitou Springs:

Tatum's first mountain hike, at Helen Hunt Falls:

Sadly, while we packed our camera and schlepped it across country with us, we left the camera battery plugged into the wall charging at home! So any photos I have are borrowed from Bruce’s folks or taken on an iPhone. Typically I would have taken a TON of photos on a trip like this, and instead I have hoo. On the other hand, we have some wonderful memories of Tatum’s first time meeting his Colorado family! It was a special, special trip.

Playing at Grandma and PawPaw's

Six-month photos soon to come!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a fun time in CO. I can't wait o go visit my side of the family in Germany this fall.

    I love Tate's hat in the first few pictures. It looks super adorable on him. I think he will be rocking all sorts of different hat styles when he grows older.

    One question for you - what type of baby carrier are you using for Tate now? I feel like Max is slightly outgrowing the baby bjorn and it is not as comfortable for me to carry my 16 lbs chunker in it anymore.