Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gramps saves the day!

Or at the very least, he helped me to update TateSpace by providing me with some photos!

Tatum and I had dinner with Gramps and CeCe last night (roasted veggies from the garden, cooked spinach with a little onion and white wine vinegar, lemon pepper chicken--YUMMY and HEALTHY, we're so lucky!). After dinner Tate was showing off his rock 'n scoot skills--not quite a crawl yet, but he gets where he wants to go--and CeCe was recounting her trip to visit with some of her close high school friends last weekend. She showed me her little "brag book" of grandchildren, and there were several pictures of Tate, his dad and me that I hadn't seen before.

I asked Gramps if I could get a few of them on disk, and voila! I have some photos to update TateSpace with at long last.

These were take at the end of June, so they're several weeks old. But I can't resist posting them.

Here's Tatum and his daddy in the pool. This was Tate's first time dipping into pool water, and he loved it! We're looking forward to spending lots of time with him in the water next week at the beach (slathered in 70+ sunblock, of course!). I happen to think his daddy looks quite nice here. ;)

And here's Tate with mommy, playing on the floor at CeCe and Gramps.

Tatum snoozing with Gramps. Doesn't he look like a total bruiser here?!

And finally, visiting with his sweet cousins. I love how his little hand is on Cami's shoulder in this pic.

As soon as daddy gets back from DC with the camera cable I'll update with more pics from the past few weeks!

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