Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Both Sides of the Law

One of Tatum’s favorite things in the world for the past several months has been the bench his New York family got for him. He loves to pull up on it, and as his infatuation with noise and motion has grown, he loves to take his little wooden mallet and bang on the bench.

Since Tate’s maternal great-grandfather was a judge (in fact, all of his grandchildren called him Judgie) we refer to this as Tatum’s channeling of the Judge. Apparently he has Judgie’s coloring too (darker hair with blue eyes) so who knows, maybe this is his destiny!

 "I said order in the court!"

 Of course…

There’s also the possibility that Tatum may become a jailbird. In his striped jumpsuit, clutching the bars at the top of our stairs, I can’t help but notice a resemblance to the classic inmate one imagines in the striped outfit clunking along with a ball and chain attached to his ankle. 

That’s our boy, exhibiting his ability to function on both sides of the law!

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  1. Too bad the striped jumper isn't orange ;-0 The pics are cute as always.