Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome Fall!

What says fall like a visit to the pumpkin patch? Tatum, Bruce and I headed over to a nearby farm this weekend. The plan was to pick some pumpkins, but in the end we just walked around looking at the animals (cows, goats, ponies, chickens, turkeys, peacocks and some truly adorable farm dogs--English labs with the biggest block heads you've ever seen. I'm such a sucker for a dog with a big old block head!) and watching the bigger kids play.

It was a beautiful weekend!

This morning we geared up for Halloween in Tatum's pirate sweater (not his costume, but it got us in the mood).
Hey there, daddy long-legs!

And check out the jack 'o lantern smile:

We didn't get our carving pumpkins, but we did buy a few sweet pie pumpkins to roast over the weekend. Tatum loves the pumpkin puree, and Daddy and I have enjoyed pumpkin turkey chili and tonight we'll be having creamy pumpkin soup with crusty bread and a spinach salad. Mmmmmmm. I'm excited already!


Oh, and I actually did manage to grab a pic of Tatum with his monkey!  The monkey-to-boy ratio is changing dramatically.  Remember when these photos used to be all monkey and a tiny bit boy?!  I'd say the boy is quickly gaining on monkey these days.


  1. Sooooooo cute!!! He is getting SO big! And Brenna, you look AMAZING!!! Great job - I am proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    I am glad you and Bruce are having so much fun with Tatum! Enjoy it!!! It only gets better!


    PS - you guys should plan a trip to Maine before we move next year!

  2. What a fabulous update, Brenna! Tate is just too cute!! And you look FABULOUS yourself!!! Look at you hot momma!!! Glad you are doing well...we must get together one of these days. It's hard to believe baby mirth will be here soon! My due date is in 3 weeks!! :-)