Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tate Floats

Well, maybe not exactly. But he does love the water! :)

Daddy wasn't feeling so hot at our last swim class, so while he's usually in the water with us this time he was able to snap a few photos from the side of the pool with his iPhone. Not the best quality ever, but look at that gorgeous chunker of a kiddo!

He's gotten so much more comfortable with the water, now he actually enjoys kicking his feet and splashing his arms and will squeal with excitement throughout our half-hour lesson. He's not even afraid to have his head under water (very briefly, of course!). His very favorite thing to do, though, is to "jump" off the side of the pool into mommy's arms. He sits on the edge and leans forward and I catch him--he thinks this is the best thing ever! Future daredevil on our hands, I tell 'ya.

By the way, these photos are online thanks to me being obscured by the water and/or Tatum! I may have lost some weight, but I'm far from ready for my swimsuit pictorial. ;)

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  1. That for sure looks like fun. Max and I just finished our swim classes and it was a ton of fun. Just like Tate he loved to jump in from the side of the pool and of course he had fun drinking the water.