Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Monkey and the Octopus

...and the Happy Witch and the SWAT Team leader!

(That covers Tatum and all of his cousins in costume.)

We had a ball attending a local hayride and bonfire over the weekend with Tatum's cousins.  Children were encouraged to come in costume, and my sister's littlest was wearing one of the cutest darned kiddo costumes I've ever seen!

She was a hot pink octopus. I couldn't stop myself from taking picture after picture of her...she just looked too adorable with her little pink legs waving around all over the place!


Our little monkey wasn't sure about the feel of the hay itself...

...but he sure did enjoy the hayride!

The "happy witch" (this is what my sister's 2-year-old told us she was dressed as) was cute as she could be.

Such a little lady, with her dainty crossed ankles as she sips her drink.

I tried to get a few pictures of the cousins together, though of course Mr. SWAT team was off running with the big kids (and pretending to drive the tractor from the hayride).

What a fun start to Tatum's first Halloween!

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