Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cereal for the growing boy

Well Tate, you've decided that you really like cereal! Mommy and Daddy tried giving it to you two weeks ago, and no go. You weren't interested at all. Then last week, we went out to dinner one night and you stayed with CeCe and Gramps. I left the box of rice cereal with them "just in case," and sure enough, you didn't want to take a bottle so CeCe decided to try the cereal out. You ate three bowls! CeCe said you practically had your face in the bowl, you were so eager to get at the cereal. Success!

Of course you immediately decided that if you were going to eat cereal, you'd much prefer to feed yourself. You wrestle the spoon out of Mommy's hands with suprising strength and agility...and then promptly choke yourself with it.

But over all, this solid food thing is off to a decent start. This week, we may try squash or carrots! Hmmm...orange food. Now that will REALLY be a mess!

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