Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What did we do Memorial weekend?

Hung out in the hammock.

Got smooched on by our puppies...

Wore embarrassing sun hats (thanks, Mom!)

Visited our friends in Cleveland, where you proceeded to fall asleep in some entertaining positions. You love Stephanie and Matt and felt so comfortable at their house that you ended up hanging out in your dipes to stay cool.  That's our classy baby!

We went on several good walks. 

Visited with our cousins.  Paigey loves to show you fun things to do with her toys!

Did some driving...

Tried to crawl...

And had a picnic at the park.

Most importantly, you got in lots of good Daddy time! 

Mommy put a slight damper on things by dropping a huge glass iced tea container on her foot and cutting it open last night.  We're still debating whether stitches will be necessary, and it's pretty hard to walk around, much less carry you with me—so for now, we get to keep Daddy home with us for an extra day rather than having him head right back to DC!  Not quite the perfect ending to a great weekend, but it was a great weekend none-the-less.

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  1. Looks like the three of you had a funfilled weekend. Love the pic of Tate sleeping on your friend - you really can tell that he is absolutely comfortable.

    Hope your foot is getting better.