Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 24

When I kiss the top of your head I no longer kiss peach fuzz, sweet boy. I kiss REAL HAIR. Super soft, silky hair...but not peach fuzz. When did you get so grown up with all kinds of big boy hairs on your big boy head?!

You're also working on several big boy TEETH. Your gums actually bled last week, so I know it's coming any day now--your first tooth! You like ice cubes in one of those little mesh pops your Aunt Julia sent us, and frozen wash clothes to suck on. These cold things seem to help (along with the occasional tiny squish of baby oral gel rubbed onto your gums, which you HATE--you grimace and gag and make the most awful faces, but it really does seem to help your comfort once you get past the taste. And secretly, we have to laugh at your drama when it goes on--the gagging and the faces are pretty comical, little guy). You chew on everything in sight. My fingers, your fingers, your dad's fingers, and any toy you can get your hands on.

Those hands are VERY busy these days, too. You're reaching and grabbing anything and everything. In the past week you've developed a fascination with people's mouths and love to reach up and feel mommy and daddy's lips and teeth. You've also gotten a few good handfuls of doggy hair lately! Your puppies are really beginning to fascinate you, and you actively reach out and try to touch their mouths, ears, and heads. Fortunately we're always right there beside you to make sure those connections go well!

Your curiousity knows no bounds, and I can't wait to see what you learn to do next!


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  2. He's really catching up to that monkey! Super cute!