Monday, June 7, 2010

Tough Men Love Veggies ... Tatum at 21 Weeks

This update is going to be a quicky, as mommy is busy busy busy with work! But let’s not deprive Chooch and Daddy and the various others out there who rely on this space for their weekly dose of Tatum adorableness.

The best thing to happen during our 21st week with Tatum is witnessing his enjoyment of CARROTS and GREENBEANS! Woo hoo! Our little man has become a veggie eater. He seems to really like them!

Just to prove that real men eat vegetables, check out the toughness of Tate sporting a green bean goatee:

Yo mom, what's with the phone?  Bring on the food!

Several sleeping photos that I took with my iPhone to send to Daddy while he’s on the road. These are blurry due to the low light in our bedroom, but still so cute...

Tatum looking like Daddy while snoozing

Carrying the weight of the world…it’s tough to be Tate!

His 21-Week photos. As you can see, our serious little guy is breaking out the smiles more and more! What a joy he is.

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  1. Thank you for your note on my blog! I'm a few weeks away from my due date and all is well. I've been enjoying watching/reading about Tate grow... makes me excited to meet my rainbow baby boy soon!!