Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Coastie

In honor of his daddy, Tatum decided to don his Coast Guard t-shirt and share a snapshot of a morning in the life of a Coastie. (You may note that this little Coastie is swimming with the pirates!)

Needless to say, the morning starts off with PT (physical training).

We try not to flip off the drill sergeant, but sometimes the temptation is overwhelming.

What do you mean, I flipped you off?  I was just chewing my fingers!

Off course then it’s “Drop and give me 20!”

“What do you mean faster? This is the fastest I can go!”

Sheesh, this drill sergeant is TOUGH.

Finally it’s off to the mess hall, where we wait for our grub.

In the meantime, we get hazed by some older cadets for thinking we’re hot stuff!

The mess hall grub could use improvement.

Fortunately we have some good buddies with whom we can share a belly laugh when the going gets tough.


  1. Too funny narration. Love the pic of Tate accidentally flipping off the drill sergeant and then the next one with his fingers in his mouth. He really looks like he is trying to cover up something bad ;-)

    He is so cute and I love reading about his days.