Tuesday, March 16, 2010

90th Percentile

Our big boy had his two-month appointment today, and he's definitely healthy! He measures 25 inches long and weighs 14 lbs 12 ounces, putting him in the 90th percentile in both categories. Considering he was in the 25th percentile at his first doctor's visit (granted he was three weeks early!) the jump in size is pretty dramatic.

Our doctor was cute about it. She said, "Having done this for as long as I have, it's clear to me that some women make skim milk, some women make 2% milk and some women make whole milk. You make cream!" It's always a boost to hear that you're providing for your baby successfully.

Poor little guy is currently knocked out from the vaccinations (or more likely from the baby Tylenol they gave him just before the vaccines were administered) and asleep in the baby carrier I'm wearing, so I won't try to take a photo of him in the adorable button-down plaid shirt and jeans he's wearing. Instead, some more pics from my phone that I took upstairs yesterday:

Congrats on the excellent health report, Tater!  I hope it's one of many to come.


  1. What a strong, healthy boy! You are apparently doing a great job keeping him nourished. :)

  2. That is fabulous. It is amazing how much he has grown already - he almost doubled his weight since birth. Way to go!

    I have some "mommy" questions. Just trying to figure Mr. Max out and wondering if his eating / sleep habits are normal. How often does Tate eat and how does he sleep during the day and night?

    Keep on growing Tate!

  3. Hi Brenna - thank you so much for your response. I just sometimes feel like that all Max does is eat ;-) but this past week he really has gotten into a much better rhythm and eats every 3-4 hours now. He also only took little cat naps and did not sleep well during the night..but it all seems to be getting better by the day. Right now he's been napping for 2 hours, which us very long and unusual for him. Yeah....maybe I will get to catch up on some much needed sleep soon.