Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Five (Recap)

I'm going to borrow from a previous post (admittedly lazy, but I'm a tired mommy and you want to eat!) to mention how well your puppies are doing with your addition to our family pack:

One thing we were concerned with upon bringing Tatum home from the hospital was how well the dogs would adjust. We hoped they’d do well, given how much they enjoy the kids in our neighborhood and my sister's children; they’ve far surpassed our expectations. They’ve been amazingly sweet and just the right amount of interested in their newest pack member. If there’s any reason for concern, it’s that Liam, our shaggy Irish Wolfhound mix, seems to have claimed Tate as his own. When Tatum gets wound up and truly cries, Liam immediately seeks out the source of what he thinks might be the problem, which in his furry mind seems more often than not to be Sierra, our Rottie mutt. Liam will rush over and bark loudly in Sierra’s face, as if to say “what did you do to the baby?!” It’s kind of funny to watch, but I have to be wary of his protectiveness. He’s growled at Sierra a few times when she’s approached the baby, and I can’t allow that. I tell Liam that Tatum belongs to BOTH dogs, and I’m careful to let Sierra sniff him and kiss his head while Liam watches so that he knows Tate isn’t his alone. It’s endearing, though, to see how intent Liam is on being close to Tatum. If Tate is doing some tummy time on his exercise mat, Liam is right beside him. And this is almost always my view when nursing:

More of Liam and Tate

Sierra swooping in for the quick kiss

Your five-week growth photo:

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