Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Three (Recap)

Our sweet neighbors surprised us with a “welcome Tatum” shower this week! You were the light of the party. You seem to thrive on noise and crowds—the more people around, the better. Everyone took turns holding you, including some of the neighbor kids (sitting on the couch, of course!) and they were so cute about it. They all love you and couldn’t get enough of you. You received some great Ohio State gear, some Syracuse duds from our neighbors who lived there (and are moving back next week!), and some beautiful hand-sewn items, including this pillow, from Mrs. Strong.

Mommy and daddy took you on your first outing this week. A very exciting trip to Target and Kohl’s! We bundled you into your car seat and strolled you around the stores. You mostly slept, though you did wake up toward the end of our Target browsing session and let it be known that you were ready to go home.

You’ve developed what we like to call your “pirate face,” where sometimes when you’re hungry you’ll scrunch up one side of your face and growl at us—it’s very easy to imagine you saying “ARRRRRH, matey!” one of these days!

Here's your Week Three growth photo (taken on the same day as your surprise shower):

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