Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten Weeks

Ten weeks! Did I really just write that?! My little Tater has entered double digits in the number of weeks he's been on this earth!

What's new this week, Tate?  Well, you've discovered that your hands fit into your mouth, and you spend no small amount of time these days trying to direct them there.  You can't quite get your thumb to connect with your mouth on a regular basis, but you've gotten in there once and twice and when that happens, WOW!  Let the sucking commence!  Turns out Daddy was a thumb-sucker, too.  You sometimes settle for a knuckle or two index fingers, but ideally you'd really like to be sucking that thumb.  We'll see how long it takes you to figure it out.

What is this fuzzy creature, and what has he done with my hands?!

One of your new favorite things to do is talk to your books.  That's right, talk TO them.  Not read them (or be read them).  I can barely make it through a quick rendition of "Hop on Pop" or "Are You My Mother?" before you lose patience and want to move on to something else.  But you WILL lie on your side in my arms and grin and coo and babble and laugh looking up at your books on the shelf.  I'm not sure if it's the contrasting colors or what draws you to them, but you'll lie there and talk to them for 20 minutes at a time!  That's longer than you'll do almost anything!

Other new tricks: you've discovered that if you kick your feet vigorously in your bouncy chair, you can make yourself bob up and down!  And boy, is that ever fun!  You prefer the hard up and down bouncing movement to the gentle vibrations of the chair hands-down, and now I really do need to be sure you're strapped in or you might catapult yourself right out of there.

Your eyes are still the newborn slate blue-gray color, amazingly enough!  You've outgrown most of your 3-month clothes and are definitely into the 3-6 and often the 6-9 month clothing now.  Much of that is due to your length, and admittedly the bulk of the cloth diapers adds a bit of "junk in the trunk" that makes some of your pants a bit snug. But oh, are they ever cute on your tush!  And you LOOOOOVE to be naked!  That's the one time I'm sure to get a smile out of you.  If we're changing your pants and I let you air it all out for a bit on the changing table, you grin and laugh and smile your head off.  You love feeling the air on your bare skin, that's for sure--and really, who doesn't?

Happy 10 weeks, handsome boy.  I can't believe in a few weeks you'll be three months old!

Tate lounging with his monkey at 10 weeks:


  1. What a handsome little man! I love hearing all the updates :)

  2. He has grown a lot. What a cute little man. I am sure you can't stop cuddling him.