Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Six (Recap)

You rolled over this week, Strong Man Tate!  From your tummy to your back, several times in a row. You were playing on the exercise mat CeCe and Gramps got you, which we thought you'd be little too young to enjoy just yet.  You surprised us!  You love looking at yourself in the mirror hanging above you when you're lying on your back, and while you can't actually grab the dangling animals just yet, you do focus on them and box at them with your closed fist. The other day you boxed the penguin repeatedly like it was a punching bag!  We're so impressed by your coordination.  You also push yourself up when you're on your tummy and kick kick kick with your feet.  A few times you've even succeeded in scooting yourself an inch or two across the mat!  I think you're going to be crawling before we know it.  UH OH.  Could you give us another month at least, Tater? 

Future boxer?

Another exciting thing to happen during week six was an actual walk OUTSIDE! The weather warmed up just enough (a balmy 48 degrees!) that we were comfortable taking you on your first walk around the neighborhood. We bundled you up in your giant puffy zippy (thanks Auntie Chelle!) and strapped you into your wonderful stroller (thanks to our friend Lynn in Richmond, who works for Baby Jogger, for the great deal!). The sidewalks were still covered in unmelted snow here and there, forcing us to walk in the street a few times—but there wasn’t any traffic and it felt great to feel the fresh air on our faces. You seemed to enjoy yourself (despite the look on your face in the photo below!), taking it all in with big eyes until you finally drifted off to sleep.

Your Uncle Marc was in town for work and we drove up to Cleveland so that we could introduce him to you. We’re hoping to make the drive down to DC in a few weeks so that you can meet Uncle Marc and Aunt Shannon’s new son, Joshua, as well as your cousins Abigael and Lillian and your PawPaw and Grandmama, who’ll be visiting from Colorado. Here you are with Daddy and Uncle Marc:

Uncle Marc says you look a lot like your cousin Joshua, but bigger (which makes sense, given that Josh was born a few weeks after you were on Jan. 25).  You also have a cousin Liam who was born just a week or so before you were.  Lots of new boys in our family this winter!

Here you are at week six:

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  1. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

    We have a baby jogger, too! Isn't it fantastic?