Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week Two (Recap)

Your daddy and I are discovering that we’re quite a team. First of all, Dad is proving himself to be a total natural with you, Tate! He snuggles you and rocks you and changes diapers like a champ. Because you were borderline jaundiced in the beginning (you were just a few days shy of 37 weeks, which means that technically you were a preemie!) we had to supplement some of your feedings with formula until my milk was fully in. Your dad did the bottle feedings while I nursed and pumped and did what I could to keep up with your needs until my full milk supply arrived. Dad got up during the night with you during that first week or two of being home and made sure you had plenty to eat. He was often up with you from 11 PM until 2 PM so that mommy could grab a few hours of uninterrupted sleep during that first week or two. The night feedings are pretty much Mommy’s domain now, but in those early days when you needed to eat so frequently and your mom needed to make more milk, Daddy was our hero!

You’ve met quite a few of your family members by now. CeCe and Gramps were at the hospital when you were born. Aunt Lauren and Chooch came the following day, and this week you met your cousins Parker, Cami and Paige and your Uncle Mike.

You loved the chaos of Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mike’s house, with all of your cousins running around like crazy (well, Paige is only 5 months old and isn’t running anywhere just yet!) and slept through much of the noise. Campbell in particular is fascinated by you—she sits as close to you as she possibly can and says your name and “baby” and tries to hug and kiss you. Parker (4 ½) is glad that you’re a boy, even though you won’t be old enough to play with him for a while. He put on a great basketball demonstration when we visited; maybe someday he’ll show you how to dribble and shoot for three!

We're taking your photo every week next to your giant stuffed monkey so that we can see how quickly you're growing. Here you are at two weeks old. Quite a change already from week one, when you could barely keep your eyes open!


  1. i love the updates addressed to tatum. he was such a big boy for a technical preemie! wow. what huge hands. i'm so glad for you both that nursing is going well. yeah! it did not end up working out for me and my little one, but that's ok, it feels like it was meant to be this way now. can't wait to continue following the adventures of tate!

  2. What a sweet face. I love the picture in your header!