Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Quiet, Rainy Day

Because it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and the skies are gray and drizzling, and because my boys are both sleeping, I thought I’d download some photos from my phone for Tate’s blog.

Tater Gator is trying his best to crawl:

Here he's modeling several SUPER cute gifts from our friend Kate G., who should really sell her adorable sewn goodies on Etsy!

The front of onesie #1 (personalized for Tate!):

Onesie #1 on the flip side:

Onesie #2 (Kate knows we love monkeys, and the sailboat and anchor are special because Daddy was in the Coast Guard!):

I just love the expression on the face of the monkey Kate sewed for us!

A few cute close-ups, just because I have them on my phone.

I’m not sure whether this will work or not—but here’s my attempt at catching Tate on film using my phone. He has all of the mechanics of trying to crawl down. He lies on his tummy and kicks furiously with his legs, but so far he doesn’t have the strength to push himself up so he doesn’t go far.


  1. Those onesies are adorable! She does great work! And he makes such a cute model :)

  2. Oh, his face matches the monkey in the one! Thanks for posting the pics as Molly loved seeing Tatum again (so did I). I, of course, only see what I would do differently if I were to make more! LOL

    It was so great seeing you all again!
    Hugs to you and Sweetcheeks!