Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Four (Recap)

You’re a whopping one-month-old! My goodness, how you’ve changed. It’s astounding to look at the photos from when you first came home—you look like a different baby! Your face is getting so full and round, and your tummy…well, your tummy matches your face!

You’ve come around to enjoying your bath time. Your first time in the tub you were less than pleased, but then CeCe showed us the trick of keeping you warm with a wash cloth covering your tummy while we bathe the rest of you, and you were much happier. Who likes to be cold in the bathtub, after all? Daddy’s taken a few videos of you in the bath, but we won’t post those here for public consumption.

Your typical look is quite serious. You draw your brows down (Daddy’s eyebrows, that’s for sure!) and contemplate the world with a fairly somber expression. CeCe claims it’s because you have some serious brain power at work in there. We certainly hope so! Mommy has tried reading to you from your library and you’re not willing to sit still for it just yet—we’ve made it through maybe half of “Hop on Pop” and three-fourths of “Red Fish, Blue Fish” before you start to fuss—you’re a boy who prefers motion! At night sometimes while she’s falling asleep, she reads out loud to you from whatever book she happens to be reading. Last night we made it through a few pages of “So Big” by Edna Ferber. Now it’s gotten into mommy’s head and she keeps asking you how big you are and waiting for you to throw up your hands and say, “SOOOOOOO big!” We’re a little ways from that happening just yet, though it’s true—you ARE sooooooo big!

Your week four photo:

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